Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Crazy but true ways in which people have tried to lose weight.

Diet is a regime that requires dedication and renunciation, and because people just do not change that lifestyle resort to instant solutions that are, to put it mildly, strange We all realize that there is no magic wand that one stroke of the excess pounds and therefore we have to hack a line of diet. In the world there are hundreds, if not thousands, various different types of diets, and all the source of inspiration that brings fewer calories than it consumes.

We also know that a diet regimen that requires us devotion and renunciation, and it is these items are the main reason for giving up because people just are not willing to change your lifestyle. In order to attract these people, the creators of the diet was designed by "magic" programs that guarantee weight loss without any effort.

Their unconventional and amazing programs not only do not work but are potentially hazardous to human health. Diet sleep - Apparently the King, Elvis Presley, holding the baby, but if you look at his later pictures you will see that this method of weight loss is not very functional. The guiding principle behind this diet is: man while sleeping cannot eat and therefore needs constant sleep. Wondering how to fall asleep in the middle of the day when we cannot sleep? The authors give a child the answer: Drink sleeping pills!

Dangers: hangover from excessive taking pills, nausea, headache, fatigue, and accidental overdose and starvation you cannot stand life. Visual Diet - Weight Loss looking through blue glasses is a product of Japanese enthusiasts have noticed that the color blue has a calming effect on people, so they dropped the idea to be calm and appetite. Glasses really have a soothing effect, but unfortunately, except that you will look silly at the table, do not help losing weight.

Danger: It is possible to ridicule the environment and finger-pointing, and long-term viewing through blue glasses can harm your mind. Diet washing - Why not losing weight while daily showering? Also wondered Chinese and decided to create a soap aioli Diet Soap that not only removes dirt but off the weight. The main ingredients of soap seaweed gel of aloe Vera, water, soap and perfumes. However, there is no scientific evidence to support its functionality and even no false testimony about his fantastic performance.

Danger: Although there is no witness to the magical action of soap, there were cases of allergic reaction to seaweed. Diet drilling ear - If you cannot resist food then at least you can reduce appetite by drilling the cartilage that is located just above the entrance to the ear canal. You must be wondering what this has to do with diet. Apparently drilling that part of the ear to stimulate acupuncture points, which regulates appetite, but this method becomes useless after a few weeks because the body adapts to the stimulus. A lot of people claim that they thus lose the extra pounds, but experts believe that it is just a placebo effect because they could not find evidence that the technique really works.

Dangers: Primarily, we would have an earring in his ear, second, drilling is painful, and the third, the wound can fester which well worry about extra pounds might put into the background.
Hallelujah Diet - This diet based on the Bible created in 1970 by the Rev. Dr. Same Prtenjača, provides that consumed only food mentioned in the Book of Genesis (chapter one, verse 29).
"And God said," Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed which is upon the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit you shall have them for food!

All these foods are of plant origin so that people who want to try this diet must be borne in mind that it will become vegan. Furthermore, hallelujah diet stipulates that only 15 percent of the daily intake should be boiled, and all other food must be raw. Diet also provides for daily exercise, relaxation, sunbathing and eliminate stress.

Risk: As with vegan diets people should closely monitor the daily intake of protein, vitamins and minerals.    Diet tapeworms - Do you read people mršavjeli it by eating parasites. Early in the last century, in 1900, people are drinking tablets containing tapeworm eggs and thus losing weight because they are parasites feeding food eaten. This is definitely the most disgusting method of losing pounds ever!

Danger: Do not know where to even begin. In addition to what you have parasites in your body you can expect nausea, headache, inflammation and diarrhea. Furthermore, the eggs can clog vital organs, which ultimately leads to certain death. 

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