Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lose weight by freezing fat deposits

Zelda is the name of the innovative technology that finds, it freezes and then kills fat cells in the body that are later naturally expelled from the body The concept of melting fat cells integrated into the most specialized treatment, weight loss, particularly those involving lasers. But in Europe is coming soon (you guessed it, the USA) treatment which is based on completely opposite process - freezing fat cells until they depart!

Innovative technology for weight loss comes under the name of Zelda, based on the so-called kriolipolizi - target, cooled and then breaks down fat cells. They developed the experts from Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital. Zelda has become a hit in the United States since it was introduced a year ago, and on our continent is coming soon; Unfortunately many, so far only in the United Kingdom. This non-invasive procedure professionals already called revolutionary concept of weight loss and losing weight. New York dermatologist Dr., David Goldberg, who participated in clinical trials Zeltiqa says that for years trying to melt the fat cells in the body in order to solve the problem of weight, but it is now shown that the reverse process, ice, freezing has full efficiency.

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Kriolipolizom gradually draws heat from the body, namely the subcutaneous tissue where the fat. The temperature of the fat cells goes down to zero degrees Celsius - means the cells are literally freezing. These low temperatures kill fat cells without any negative effect on the rest of the body (muscles and skin remain intact). Dead cells are then naturally removed from the body through the liver. Patients who participated in the testing results are amazing. Unfortunately, Celtic seamlessly operates only in a small area where there is a dense fat (waist from the side, for example), but when it comes to larger areas, the effect is much weaker (buttocks, thighs). However, experts say that working on the creation of a special applicator intended for these critical areas.

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Losing weight is not instantaneous - you need two to three months to dead cells leave the body through urine and to make the results visible. But for those who have tried everything and have been for years struggling with fat two months not a long time. So far there have been no side effects, so it is not surprising that the Celtic in the United States is extremely popular. It is expected that the treatments are equally come both women and men. It is not known when it will Celtic appear in the rest of Europe.

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